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Welcome to my online coaching page. Instead of telling you all about what I can do, I'd rather show you. Scroll down ⬇️

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"In the short amount of time we were able to work together I was able to lose 10 pounds and gain a better understanding of my body and what it's capable of."

Andrew C.

"I didn’t realize how strong one has the potential to be. I’m constantly learning and setting those personal records, thanks to Jonathan!"

Anita M.

"Jon gives great and effective plans that allowed me to both gain muscle as well as lose 42 lbs over just 4 months!"

Colin C.

"Jonny helped me figure out what my goals were, and inspired me to get off my butt and lose a total of 60+ pounds!"
Lyne K.

Lyne K.

Online Coaching: Testimonials


"The best move I made was to link up with Jon for training. While during the pandemic many friends complained of putting on pounds, I lost 15% of my weight, my previous leg injury is fine, plus I'm more flexible, energetic, and sleeping soundly."

Tim R.

"Jon is a great coach! He helped me lose 12 lbs! I was never a workout kinda person, but he encouraged me and most importantly, made me believe in myself! While training with him, I felt stronger by the day, and best of all is that he makes it seem so doable AND FUN! Don't think twice! You will be so happy you took the step, and very soon you will be one of the people writing one of these glowing recommendations for him!:

Anu O.

"Finding the right coach is key, and working with Jon has been great! He is personable, professional, genuine, and has a wealth of knowledge Jon is very passionate about what he does and is 100% focused on his clients. After just a few short months, I lost the extra weight, and I definitely see improved body strength, flexibility, and balance. I am achieving my goals with Jon as my coach, and it feels great."

Irene R.

Online Coaching: Testimonials
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